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Name : M.S. Srinivasan Country : Chennai Event : Sri Radha Kalyanam
Date : 15-02-09 Venue : Chromepet, Chennai

I forgot myself. I wish to be associated more with the coming up of the Dakshina Pandaripuram temple and wish to help in whatever way it is possible.

Name : Shruthi Country : Chennai Event : Pravachanam
Date : NA Venue : Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai

Radhe Krishna! Have no words to describe about the Bhaktha Vijayam..... Amazing!! what a talent to bring all the Sants in front of us... Vittaldasji is great!!!!

Name : P.GOPLAKRISHNAN Country : CHENNAI Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : EVERYDAY Venue : NA

Radhe Krishna Pranams to Guruji Units from Namasankeerthanam Gallery--I get charged(to what limit? unable to express--Feel/Fell in pleasure beyond worldly treasures. "Jai Jai Ram Krishnahari" through Guruji's voice of Krupai took me at once under the Feet of Panduranga--am unable to continue this expression of mine as I am silent enjoying the estcassy and hence stop here. Pranams to Guruji Radhe Krishna.

Name : Ganesh Lakshmanan Country : Kumbakonam/New Delhi Event : Others
Date : 11/01/2009 Venue : NA

Pranams to Sri Sri Anna. Everyone is sharing their thought in a different way about Sri Sri Anna's program but I don't know how to express myself because if we started speaking and sharing about Anna's program there won't be an end for that the reason is his " PRAVACHANAM & NAMASANKEERTHANAM " is an ocean to be frank and honest those who are all staying away they don't know about Bhajan and Sri Sri Anna but now they are singing Anna's Bhajans and they are too interested to see Anna. The day 11.01.2009 I reached Kumbakonam and I went Ashram to see Sri Sri Anna from that I was with Anna everyday minimum 4 hours. I felt the situation and the concern he shows to Bhaktas no one can. My family they travelled with Anna to Gobichettipalayam and they enjoyed a lot. Now Sri Sri Anna is in Puri literally I am missing a lot hope I feel I will balance this while Anna is going to Dwaraka. Sri Sri Anna is the only living example for all Bhagavathas I can say.

Name : Rama Sekhar Country : New Delhi Event : Divyanamasankeerthanam
Date : Jaya TV Telecast Venue : NA

Experience is beyond words. Really mind blowing. Now I'm restless after seeing the programme in JAYA TV regularly earlier on Saturdays/Sundays nowadays on Sundays only. I am waiting eagerly for Guruji's kripa to visit Padaripuram first and then Pandurangan. Just by the namasmaran of Panduranga I get maximum energy in me. Namaste Guruji.

Name : S.Sivakamasundari Country : Chennai, Bharatham Event : Sri Bhaktha Vijayam
Date : Feb 1, 2009 Venue : Sunday telecast in Jaya TV

My heartiest namaskarams to Guruji, without his discources, I would have never known about LORD PANDURANGAN. It is being said that devotion and faith in God increases only when you know about His leelas and gunas. We all know He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscien... but when it comes to faith, I lacked.. and now that got staunch only because of Guruji s discources. I think this is what is GOD's GRACE. I had been a devotee, but now I have got great attachmant towards the LORD PANDURANGAN, and this is again the LORD'S GRACE. But GURUJI, I am very much unhappy that I have not got any of your video or audio cassattes based on Baktha Vijayam. People who can come all the way can come and hear you. But some ladies still have their own problems. So please for our sake, bring your cassettes on BHAKTHA VIJAYAM soon. Again my heartiest namaskaram s GURUJI.

Name : Kotteeswaran Country : Chennai / India Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : NA Venue : NA

Divine updating of our spiritual thoughts, classical opening for the new year, let us pray god for a long life of our SRI VITTALDAS Maharaj.

Name : R. Raghavendran Country : CHENNAI, INDIA Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : IN JAYA T.V Venue : NA


Name : Vandhana Krishnamurthy Country : Bangalore, India Event : Divyanamasankeerthanam
Date : January 24th & 25th Venue : Jaya TV Telecast

Namaskaram, It's that time round the year when we students are busy with our study preparations and that’s one reason why we'll have to be dormant for a few weeks and then get back to action with visits to Govindapuram and attending His Satsangs. Well, Guruji's busy too with His Pravachanams and His Yatras in February. The TV Telecast on 24th and 25th were just Unparalleled… Champion…Even now when I recollect those moments, I'm speechless!!! On Saturday we had a young lady who beautifully sung abhangs, the next day - Even Better with DivyaNamaSankeerthanam! It was divine to see Guruji and Kalyanarama Bhagavathar render the bhajans together. Exceptional rapport and humility! Am sure we'll thoroughly cherish the episodes that'll follow. Seeking Guruji's Blessings and Good Wishes for Our Practical Exams and our Boards..!!! Namaskaram.

Name : Revathi Swaminathan Country : India Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : 25.01.2009 Venue : Jaya TV

Today's Jaya TV again superb. All the 17 days attended our Krishnas alias Vittaldas programme attend panniyum again simply superb and that too today after 7am just samskar clik panninal Pandaripuram Panduranga arthi programme. No words to express our feelings. Waiting for next sat/sundays.

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