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Name : Kamakshi (Gigi ) Ramakrishnan Country : Cupertino, CA, USA Event : Others
Date : 12 May 09 Venue : Gurukulavasam @ Govindapuram

I just went through the Gurukulavasam pictures. I felt so happy and young looking at the active children along with Shri Anna. It looked like a mela. I am missing all good things happening at Shri Govindapauram, sitting in the lonely corner of the world. But both early morning and evening I have darshan of Shri Anna on youtube (siva4globe title pandarpur) performing Abhishekam and aarati at shri Govindapuram and I can feel Shri Anna's presence here in USA. Eagerly waiting for my trip back to India on the 12 July to be with Shri anna for atleast 3 months. Always praying for Shri Anna. Shri Anna's devotee. Kamakshi Ramakrishnan

Name : Abirami Baskaran Country : Madurai Event : Others
Date : 5.5.09 to 10.5.09 Venue : Govindapuram

Radhe Krishna! My daugter attended Gurukulavasam. No words to explain about Sri Vittaldas Guruji's mercy towards the children. His sishyas also taught the kids to dance, to sing abangas and encourage them with love and affection. I think Lord Panduranga and Rahumayee also felt the absence of kids Nagarsangirthanam. Panduranga Hari! Ramakrishna Hari!

Name : Kanchana Country : Tiruchy / India Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : March 2009 Venue : Thevar Hall, Tiruchy

I attended the Namasankeerthanam and Upanyasam all the ten days and it was an amazing experience. I like to participate in the Bhagavatha Mela and enjoy holiness. Shri Vittaldass is simply great by his colloquial language way of uttering stories and leading bhakthas to utter namasankeerthanam without any bias. God bless him.

Name : Ganeshlakshmanan Country : Kumbakonam / New Delhi Event : Others
Date : 06.05.09 - 10.05.09 Venue : Dakshina Pandaripuram

Radhey Krishna!!!! Pranams to Sri Sri Anna. This article is about the program GURUKULAVASAM which is being conducted by Sri Sri Anna at our Ashram in Govindapuram. Everyday I am in touch with my family members residing in Kumbakonam about the program. When I am speaking with them the information I am getting from them is "REALLY MIND BLOWING". Sri Sri Anna converted himself as child and he is being with all the kids those who are all participating in the grand event. The way they are taking care about the kids and the concern Sri Sri Anna and Ashram devotees showing towards the kids is amazing. All these activities can be done only by Sri Sri Anna. Let we all devotees of Lord Pandurangan and Sri Sri Anna join Hands with Sri Sri Anna on his all activities in the coming days to make it grand success. Radhey Krishna !!!!

Name : Ganesh Lakshmanan Country : Kumbakonam / Newdelhi Event : Others
Date : 06/05/2009 Venue : Govindapuram

Radhey Krishna !!!! Pranams to Sri Sri Anna. I came to know know that Gurukulavasam Event started yesterday evening in a grand manner. The information I am receiving every one hour from our Ashram is making my mind cool. It's a mind blowing event which is arranged by Sri Sri Anna for childrens and well organized by our Ashram Bakthas and others. It's a highly organized program by time to time event has been fixed. The one and only who can do all these is our Sri Sri Anna. I request one and all of Panduranga Baktha's and Devotee's of Sri Sri Anna to take part of such events. I am really happy such type of things still happening in India means that Anna only can do. Radhey Krishna !!!!

Name : T.V.Sandhiya Country : Kanchipuram Event : Others
Date : Every Weekend Venue : NA

Your show on Jaya TV is superb. My father likes it very much. He insisted me to visit your website. Your website provides all we need. Thank you so much.

Name : R. Srinivasan Country : Chennai Event : Sri Bhaktha Vijayam
Date : 01/05/2009 Venue : Jaya TV

Shri GURUJI has been elevating us to divine feelings & Bhakthi the moment he starts Bhajan/ Upanyasam. He is reincarnation of Bhramhasri Sengalipuram Dikshitar Yatindraal who kept us spellbound in 1960s. Wish many more CDs by Guruji are released soon. Pranaams to Guruji.

Name : Anand Country : Chennai Event : Sri Vittaldas Cassettes/CDs
Date : 28/4/2009 Venue : NA

I am intrested in Vittaldas bajans, upanyasam.

Name : MADHAN V.E Country : Chromepet, Chennai Event : Sri Radha Kalyanam
Date : Jan 1, 2009 Venue : JAYA TV

It was really enchanting to see Anna sing Thodayamangalam. I have been to many Radha Kalyanams, but the thoda raga sung by Anna is really uncomparable. When he starts the rhyme Jaya Janaki Ramana, it brings us the god before us. RADHEKRISHNA.

Name : L.K.Ganesh Country : Chennai Event : Sri Bhaktha Vijayam
Date : NA Venue : NA

So much delighted and ready to hear the bhajan and upanyasam every day.

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