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Name : Gopalakrishnan. S Country : India Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : 22.12.2011 Venue : Allur-Trichirapalli District

its not explain by words, his highness control all devotes in his song .

Name : Harish Country : India Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : NA Venue : sri vittal rukmani samsthan

oh its a very nice when hearing bhagavan nama we are went through the foot steps of god and we like to participate in dhivyanamam sankeerthanam during hearing abhangams

Name : Prabhu Country : INDIA Event : Divyanamasankeerthanam
Date : NA Venue : NA

"Divine" that is the one word expression of Guruji's Sath Sangh. Eagerly looking forward to the Sath Sangh at Sri Kanchi Mutt on 21st December 2011.

Date : 21-11-2011 Venue : GOVINDAPURAM, KUMBAKONAM

Sri Vittala, Vittala, Vittala Panduranga. Our humble pranams to Sri Sri Anna, really great divine experience we had on that day and we met Sri Sri Anna in the Mandir as well as in the SevaKunj..experience we had is not possible to cater in the words hence request every one to visit Sri Panduranga Temple and have Divine Darshan and Divine blessings for World's Peace for all generations to come. Hare Krishna and Hare Rama, Radhe Krishna.

Name : B.Visvamber Rao Country : India Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : 01.12.2011 Venue : Through Website

I have seen the videos of Bhajans sung by Vittaldas Anna and others. I cant close the website till late night. I am very much eager for darshan of Lord Ponduranga and swamiji (Vittaldas Anna) at Govindapuram, which is near to my native place Thanjavur. I am writing this from Baroda. Jai Jai Vittal Jai Hari Vittal.

Name : Sankari Country : India Event : Sri Vittaldas Cassettes/CDs
Date : NA Venue : NA

Giving Peace of mind and a true spritual journey to Lord Pandurangan. Not only Lord but also our sole mate. Inspires me to live in out of money and material life. Gives unknown pleasure to athma...

Name : K.R.Raghunathan Country : Srirangam/India Event : Others
Date : 29/10/2011 Venue : Vittal Rukumini Samsthan, Govindapuram

The temple stands high. When we think of the efforts of Anna in building such a huge temple from the funds out of performing bhajans it tells upon Anna's efforts behind it. It stands as an example that everything in the world is possible if one is having dedication and with Gods kadaikan paravai. During the puja, the way Anna corrected the Mala and put it for Them (Pandurangan and Rukmini) was a clear indication that he wants perfection in anything and everything. In true words the prasadam of Sakaraipongal distributed was so rich both in quality and quantity. I pray God that the circulating areas must also be completed early so that the devotees go around the temple without any problem during the rainy days also. Radhekrisha. Vittal Vittal Jay Jay Vittal.

Name : PARTHASARATHY L Country : CHENNAI Event : Sri Vittaldas Cassettes/CDs
Date : NA Venue : NA

Radhe Krishna!! Namaskaram, I am L. Parthasarathy reisiding at Chrompet. My native place is Thanjavur. I am one of the member of Radhe Krishna Bajan Mandali, Chengalpat-Thambaram-Beach. Every we are doing Bajans in Train at the time of going to Office. Every day I am enjoying your songs and kept it in my mobile. Mostly I will sing your song in Train. Especially your Panduranga Namam echoing always in my mind as Non-stop. Till now I am unable to come to your temple. My bajan groups already visited the temple.Pls. Mail to me regarding telecast of your programme when and where? Especially I will enjoy the following songs. 1.Ragi Thandira 2.Deva Hoyina 3.Satgurme Maje 4.Sada Maje 5.Halu Halu 6.Dhanya+Vanamali 7.Chapala Charana 8.Seethapathi 9.Andharu Raama 10.Chinna Chinna Muruga 11.Bholo Natha & 12.Changu Chakradhara. -Radhe Krishna

Name : NAGRAJAN Country : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Event : Sri Radha Kalyanam

I along with my family members consisting of my wife and my beloved mother are very fortunate in hearing the scentilating Nmasankirthanam Bhajans by Sri Sri Vittaldas Maharaj over the last few years which is very reverabiting and enlightening. Thanks to Sri Vittaldas Maharaji, who by is dedicated mission of spreading the Namasankirthanam throughout India and has kindled many hearts especially youngsters, who got moulded by lilstening to his gifted voice.

Name : Karthik Srinivasan Country : India Event : Others
Date : 25-09-2011 Venue : Dakshina Pandaripuram (Govindhapuram)

Yesterday our family went to the Vittal Rukmini Samasthan after Kumbhabishegam. It was very good experience, no words to say. It was amazing and very peaceful to see the God Pandurangan and Ragumayi. The Gosala was maintained very neat and clean. Everybody must see the Gods atleast once in a while.

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