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Name : R BHARATH Country : INDIA Event : Others
Date : NA Venue : NA

Dear Sir, I had been attending Namasagar for a couple of years and the experience for sure just words can't express it. It is the feel in the inner heart. If a gentle breeze passes across us we can just feel the breeze but it is hard to make others understand how we felt and such divine thoughts and namasankeertanams can only be felt and I thank Anna for this wonderful gesture. About donation to the temple I had been talking to my friends about this and I pray God should bestow me with the strength to collect maximum possible and help Anna in this himalayan task. As anna said Pandurangan will find people for it still as ordinary humans we forget to understand it is all out of baghavath sankalpam. I pray I should meet Anna in Govindapuram with a cheque atleast before Gokulashtami. A small request or may be treated even as a wish. If I wish to speak to Anna over phone which number I should call? I know he is pre occupied but still a small wish.

Name : S RAJALAKSHMI Country : Chennai, India Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : One Sunday in December 2008 Venue : Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai

Myself and my Mother-in-law along with my 3 year old daughter went to Krishna Gana Sabha during December 2008 to hear the NAMASANGEERTHANAM by Sri Sri Vittaldas Maharaj. It was 6.15 in the morning. There was so crowd and we couldn't find a single seat to sit. We were looking around inside the hall. Suddenly, one man and lady who were sitting in the seats got up and ask us to sit in their seats. Myself and My MIL was shocked about this. I beleive that the man and lady are none other than the OUR GOD PANDURANGAN & RUKMINI. I thought, PANDURANGAN & RUKMINI came early to Krishna Gana Sabha to hold the seats for us to hear the GREAT NAMASANGEERTHANAM performed by SRI SRI VITTALDAS MAHARAJJI.

Date : 01 to 10.08.10 Venue : KAMARAJ ARANGAM, CHENNAI

Ramakrishna Hari. Vasudeva Hari. When we left India in July last, we were sad that in this year we will be missing this year's Bhajan and upanyasam at Kamaraj Arangam. Lord Pandurangn did not disappoint us. You have made excellent arrangments in webcasting the entire events so nicely and so technically. We enjoyed viewing all the 10 days. In fact, according to the local time, the webcast will start around 6.30 and will go upto 8.30. We have viewd the Ashada Ekadasi at Govindapuram this year thro internet. We do not know how to express our thanks. We look forward the day we return to India and to come to Govindapuramto offer our prayers at the Ashramam and also at Sri Madam.

Name : Vidhya Sridhar Country : Chennai, India Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : August 1 to 10, 2010 Venue : Kamarajar Arangam, Chennai

Due to heavy work schedule, I was able to attend only 4 days of Nama Saagar this year. There are no words to explain the ecstasy of the people who attended this satsang. We are really previleged to have Sri vittaldasji among us who is without any commercial motive. Jai Ho to Vittaldasji. We very much pray to Panduranga to shower his blessing to make us participate in the Janmashtami Celebrations at Govindapuram.

Name : R. PARTHASARATHI Country : Velachery, Chennai. Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : 1st to 10th August, 2010 Venue : Kamarajar Arangam-NAAMA SAAGAR 2010

Radhe Krishna...Pranaams to the lotus feet of Sri Vittaldas Maharaj ji and his sishyas. The Naama Sangeerthan and Sri MahaBhaktha Vijayam made us to sit near Lord Sri Krishna. Needless to say, the whole programme was a wonderful one. And we do not know, how are we going to spare the rest of the days, without his presence. We pray Lord to shower his blessings to his family and his sishyas. Radhe Krishna...

Name : R Sriram Country : India Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : 09/08/2010 Venue : Kamarajar Arangam, Chennai

Pranams to Guriji, It was really a wonderful experience in my life participating in Nama Saagar for the 3rd time. Every time I wont miss to attend it. Really it is refreshing for mind & soul. It gives energetic and positive power of energy and relaxation, peace. Ever in my life I cried for any reasaon but today you said about that the God Himself has come down becuase the bhaktha was late by half an hour to get the flower malai. It potrays how much of bhakthi, devotion He had with Lord Vittal, thats the reason he given his viswarooopa darshan to him. Like that we are daily getting the Vittal darshan through you Guruji. I have heart to give money which can be contributed for any activity, Lord Vittal has to bless to offer to get it from me. I'm from a middle class family. I'm always ready to render my volunteer service at any time for you and would like to keep associated with you ever in my life time. I may be reacheable at 9841572609. My humble pranams to Lord Vittal & Sri Vittaldas Guriji.

Name : Mr & Mrs.Narayanan Country : Chennai/India Event : Pravachanam
Date : Aug 2nd onwards, 2010 Venue : Kamaraj Arangam, Chennai

Nameskaram to Guruji and all Bhagavathas. It was really a thrilled experience when we got an opportunity to hear Guruji Sri. Vittaldas Anna's bajans last year in Kamaraj Arangam. We were bleased to attend only for 3 days during last year but after which we started collecting his CDs to experience the essence of bajans and nama pravachanam. Due to technolgoy development, we are graced by His blessings to witness the events through web from home this time. It is really a great feelings. By HIS BLESSINGS, we are gifted to participate in the one day nithya pooja kattalai by contributing Rs.11000/- as announced by Guruji in one of these days. Though we are willing to contribute more, at present this is our prevailing situation. Kindly advice on this. Though we are unable to participate in 1 lac contribution, we are spreading the message to all our dear and near. We seek your blessings.

Name : S.Rajagopalan Country : Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : 7.8.10 Venue : Kamarajar Arangam, Chennai

Swamyji today moved along the crow and with Panduranga Namavali. It reminds me of Rasaleela, like each Swamiji for each devotee. Rasaleela bajan would have been more apt. He gave Pandurangan to us by placing his hand on on our hands. Pray for his blessings.

Name : P.Sivakumar Country : Chennai / India Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : August 01 to 10, 2009 Venue : Kamarajar Arangam, Chennai

Koti Koti Pranams to our beloved Guruji Sri Sri Sri Vittaldasji. We seek Guruji's mercy to always hear / attend HIS Namasankeerthanam at all times.

Name : Dr S Devaji Rao Country : Chennai, India Event : Sri Bhaktha Vijayam
Date : NA Venue : Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai

Exhilerating experience, forgot I am in this world, extremely mind relaxing.

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