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Name : Sankaranarayanan Country : Chennai, India Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : 02.08.2010 Venue : Kamaraj Hall, Chennai

bahajans are helpful for the peace and fairness of the mind.

Name : Gayathri. N Country : Coimbatore Event : Uthsavam
Date : 4th & 5th September, 2010 Venue : Sri Vittal Rukmini Samasthan, Govindapuram

Respected Anna, It was really a wonderful experience in my life participating in thirukalyana uthsavam along with our team members. Thankyou for giving us this great oppurtunity to take part in that function. Jai Sri Ram.

Name : Sriram Country : Chennai Event : Pravachanam
Date : September 6, 2010 Venue : Trichy NAMA SAAGAR

Stunning Realities of Shri Vittaldas Maharaj. Let me share in a simple language about the Eminence of Sri Vittaldas Maharaj.
1) Sri Vittaldas Maharaj is the only Spiritual Leader that I have ever come across in my 30 years of experience with many peethams and mutts; who directs the children of the present generation towards the service of their parents and that the parents are primarily “The GOD” for one and all.
2) I trust that several thousands of devotees do not fail to capture themselves when Sri Vittaldas Maharaj prostrate before his father prior to start of the Bhajan session, the meaning of which is self explicit to the readers particularly the children.
3) I was astonished to recognize the simplicity of Sri Vittaldas. The greatness of him lies in that when he quoted recently at Trichy Namasaagar that he would be called an “Acharya” not a “Swamiji or Godman” for the simple reason that he would only preach about various Hindu dharma and practices that everyone has to follow, share and preserve for the coming generations. His discourse is very unique in that he imbibes dharma Sukshmas from Shri Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavatam and other puranic scriptures which are so practical and applied to the contemporary world.
4) The noteworthy point from his discourse is that a “Brahmana or Brahmin” is one who can see “Brahmatvam” in every living being and not by simply wearing the sacred thread.
5) The distinctive speech of Shri vittaldas Maharaj covers the disciple’s dedication and devotion to the Lord and the latter’s surrender to the Devotee viz., Namdev, Tukkaram, Purandardas, Tulasidas, Meerabai, Sakkubai, Ekanath, Uttukadu Venkatakavi, Jayadev and Bhadrachala Ramadas etc etc etc which I have never heard in any discourse of others in my entire life time to date.
6) No spiritual guru appeared to me so far who involved in shaping the life pattern of the youth except giving a public lecture. I do not know as to how many parents are able to tell their children or how many children are truthfully following parents advises. But I am shocked to see the interest building up in the younger generations after listening to Sri Vittaldas Maharaj’s bhajan and pravachanams. It is apparent from the fact that most of the contributions for the construction of the Panduranga temple and Goshala are from the youth between the age group of 25 and 40. This is an incredible achievement by Shri Vittaldas Maharaj in terms of “inculcating the ancient hindu tradition and culture” among the youth which otherwise not possible to see anywhere else in the globe.
7) No doubt, Shri Vittaldas Maharaj is an incarnation of the Lord himself, like the devotees as stated supra or like the Lord Sudarshana taken birth in the form of Annamacharya in order to do Bhagavannama Pracharam singing, praising the Lord.
8) I believe that whoever happens to meet Shri Vittaldas Maharaj will realize that he was born “Ethics”.
9) We cannot see our next birth, we do not know if the benefits are carried forward to the next birth and how; but my experience says that we can reap the fruits of the good deeds (which otherwise should not be thought of, should only be left at the feet of the Lord) in the present janma itself by being with Sri Vittaldas Maharaj. People are rest assured of that.
Jayam Sri Vittaldas Maharaj Jayam Jayam !

Name : VEDANARAYANAN. G Country : CHENNAI Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : AUG 01-10, 2010 Venue : KAMARAJAR ARANGAM, CHENNAI

Panduranga hari... Vasudeva hari... our sincere pranams to our Guruji Vittaldas Maharaj. I use to watch www.vittaldas.com regularly for satsang events. Shri Guruji's Bhajans and upanyasams have a magnetic power on me and I use to attend His programmes, whenever and wherever possible, during the past 5 years. It was a very good and thrilling experience at Kamarajar Arangam for 10 days, from Aug 1-10, 2010. I had a feeling of being at Pandaripuram for 10 days though I watched Anna's programme through live web cast from my home. Anna's pravachanam was also really very very nice. The vibrations could ever remain in our mind which even Lord Shiva or Vishnu cannot experience. Our sincere and heartiest pranams to Anna and we also pray for his grace and all to be succeeded what Anna (Sri Sri Vittaldas Maharaj) is planning to do like the Temple Kumbhabishekam, Pravachanam and Namasankeerthanam etc. Thank you.
RadheKrishna,Radhekrishna,Radhekrishna.. Sri Vitaldas Maharaj ki Jai!

Name : Krishnan Country : Event : Others
Date : Aug 29, 2010 Venue : Webcast

The webcast arrangement to view Namasagar 2010 conducted at chennai over the web was excellent. We missed the blissful environment at the auditorium through out the event. the energy and blissfull experience of namasankeertam over the web was also great.

Name : Sundaresan K R (Sundar) Country : Secunderabad Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : Aug 2010 Venue : All over the universe

Namaskarams to Sri Sri Anna, By reading all the "Bakthas Experiences", I am praying to almighty that I should be back to Chennai ASAP with his blessings. Really I feel me missing a lot of valuable bajans/upanyasams by Sri Vittaldasji. My humble prayers to VITTAL RUKMINI - that Sri Anna's Namasankeerthanam should happen in Secunderabad also. Eager to visit Govindapuram soon. Namaskarams, Sundar

Name : T.N.Kapaleaswaran Country : Chennai, Tamil Nadu Event : Sri Bhaktha Vijayam
Date : August 1 to 11, 2010 Venue : Kamarajar Arangam, Alamelumanga Kalyana Mandapam, Chennai

Baktha Delight. Simply Superb. Ramayanam Pravachanm was very intersting and informative.

Name : Sriram Country : Hyderabad, India Event : Sri Anantharama Deekshithar Upanyasam CDs
Date : NA Venue : NA

These are very good.

Name : A. C. CHANDRA Country : CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : 1.08.2010 to 11.08.2010 Venue : Kamaraj Arangam, Chennai

Respected Guruji, We enjoyed the namasankeethanam held at Kamaraj Arangam on the above dates. We have also got the blessings of Krishna and Panduranga. We request you to arrange programmes like this. With respects A.C.Chandra

Name : H.A.Sarma Country : Tirunelveli, India Event : Namasankeerthanam
Date : NA Venue : NA

Every weekend myself with all my family members will never miss to watch the satsang program telecast by Jaya TV. It gives energy and peace of mind and make us to releive from the tension. Request you to extend the telecast time to minimum 30mts.

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